Film DTF Screen Print Heat Transfer, #69

Film DTF Screen Print Heat Transfer, #69

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Clear Film DTF Screen Print Heat Transfer, #69

Approximate Size: 11 Inches

DTF Transfer Instructions: 

Temp: 300-325 Degrees F

Pre-press garment for 10 seconds for remove excess moisture. 

Place transfer on garment white side down, image side up. 

Pressure: Heavy

Time: 15-20 Seconds

Peel: COLD

Please allow the transfer to cool before peeling. This may take a few minutes. When peeling, please peel from one corner, upper left preferably. 

Please note: If the image does not come off completely, repress with the image in place, let it cool and re-peel the film.

COMMERICIAL HEAT PRESS ONLY. These will not work with a home iron or Easy Press.

Recommended to be used on the following materials: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any pressing errors. All sales are final.